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  • » Female Hair Cut: $50+

  • » Male Hair Cut: $35+

  • » Kid's Cut 10 & Under: $35+



Introduce yourselves and your staff on you hair stylist website! Include each barber or stylist, their titles, experience, specialties, and a brief bio for each one. Potential clients will use this information to choose which barber or stylist to book with, or just to learn a little more about you.

Include a description of your salon and the history of the shop (when it was founded, who founded it, etc.) People love to know the story behind local businesses.


Michele Molinaro - Salon Lofts - Crossroads Plaza



This could be what you offer, your store info or hours. If you have specials. Telephone number, email and such. Also, you could have additional information about he spa.

Prior to your treatment, we ask that you complete a Guest Intake Form. The information on this form will allow us to tailor your treatments based on your health.





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✔️ Female Hair Cut: $50+
✔️ Male Hair Cut: $35+
✔️ Kid's Cut 10 & Under: $35+
✔️ Lux Lather, Blow Out & Style: $35+
✔️ Updo: $85+
✔️ Facial Make-Up Design: $50+

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